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1031 Exchanges

Information on 1031 Exchanges

Blue Latitude 1031 X LLC is committed to providing its exchange customers with the best and most knowledgeable 1031 Exchange service in the industry today. Our staff of exchange professionals includes seasoned accountants and attorneys that understand all the aspects of how a 1031 Exchange needs to work from start to finish and all the steps in between culminating in a smooth transaction with no surprises. EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and SECURITY is what you need in a 1031 Exchange company and this is where Blue Latitude 1031 exchange excels.


EXPERIENCE:  Accountants and attorneys, who have been practicing for over 20 years,


EXPERTISE: Blue Latitude staff provides personal attention to each individual exchange from inception through completion.


SECURITY:  Blue Latitude 1031 Exchange maintains fidelity bond and errors and omission coverage for every transaction and deposit. A segregated Escrow account is setup to insure transparency for each individual exchange being completed.

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